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Latex Lara

Latex Lara

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About me:
It all started a few years ago, where my play partner ordered a custom made latexcatsuit ! In addition he got a latexmask , latexgloves and latexsocks.

We spent some time in a nice fetish apartment for me to try it all on the first time and we took pictures. It was a very unusal feeling but it started a major addiction.

He lived quite far away, so we weren t able to meet anymore and I started shooting videos by myself and sharing them with the world, then my adventures with so many rubber people started and I still keep meeting and playing with new ones
Then a cameraman contacted me to shoot some videos, I was still shy about it, but we had a little shooting.

In some videos he was my naked slave and in others I was solo.
Age: 39
Country: United States
Height: 177 cm
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